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What are the 6 major types of printing?

There are several types of printing and each of them has specific features. All printing types are not suitable for every print. Many printing services in Dubai can provide digital, inkjet, offset and screen printing.

By learning about the types of printing, you can understand which one you should choose for your next printing project. So, in this blog, we will discuss the 6 major types of printing most commonly used by us.

Inkjet Printing– Inkjet printers spray a small drop of ink on the paper using their print heads. There are several types of inkjet printers with ink cartridges of different shapes and sizes. Inkjet technology is quite popular in the printing industry and it has been around for quite a long time.

Inkjet presses use pre-cut sheets to produce wire-bound manuals, brochures, pamphlets, tickets etc. It takes about half a second to print an A4 size paper. You can print on different types of papers using inkjet printing. The cost of printing per page is quite low in the inkjet printing process. Thermal inkjet printers are used for bulk printing jobs.

Rotogravure Printing– This printing process involves a cylindrical structure which rotates to print an image on paper. The cylinder is partially submerged in the ink. Each station of the rotation has a different colour or coating. A blade called a doctor removes the excess ink.

As a result, you get a high-quality printed image with an excellently dense colour. This printing process is complex and requires time. If you have to choose between lithography and gravure, we suggest you go for the latter one. Gravure gives you high-quality images and durability.

Offset Printing– Offset printing is a long process where aluminium plates are used for printing. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key are the four colour options you can get here. For long-run projects, offset printing is a great option. It needs a longer setup time and more manual labour. It can also produce high-quality printed pages using the offset method.

The best thing about offset printing is that it can handle a wide range of paper stocks. It is a reliable and cheap option for regular printed needs. However, digital printing is more affordable, especially for small-volume jobs.

Digital PrintingDigital printing is getting quite popular for its several advantages. One such advantage is to change data or info within a printing job. For smaller printing jobs digital printing is the best option available at affordable prices. Another appreciable aspect of digital printing is versatility.

Digital printers use powdered toner instead of inks. You can send a pdf file and the printed material will be ready in just a few minutes. Early digital prints could not compete with the colour quality of litho. But modern digital printers can yield extremely superior quality prints.

Screen Printing– It is a very versatile printing type but the quality of screen printing depends on several factors. A few such factors are- mesh, dot gain, squeegee sharpness, registration angle etc. It is an ancient method of printing, first used in China, India and Egypt. Later silk screen printing became popular in Europe.

In modern times, screen printing is used for most bulk printing operations for its great quality and affordability. Among all 6 printing types, screen printing is the easiest to learn. After using a screen all the colours should be thoroughly washed out before the next application.

Serigraphy– The process involves creating a print from a design or template. The design is then transferred to a piece of silk or lacquer film. The process forces ink through a stencil onto paper. The term “serigraphy” has been derived from the Greek word “seri” which means silk. The process of serigraphy printing is quite time-consuming but the results are just amazing.


Different types of prints are required for different purposes. That is why there is demand for all the above printing processes. However, to get flawless printing services you must go to a reliable printing company.

Modern Printing Press is one of the best and most renowned printing services in Dubai. Here you will get all types of offset, digital, screen printing etc., at a quite reasonable rate.

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