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What is the difference between offset and printing?

Are you planning to print a business project? Which printing method can provide professional outcomes? Offset printing and digital printing are among the popular options. Its main difference is the image and text transfer method into the final printing paper. If aiming for high-volume printing, picking from these two can be economical for a business.

Evolving Nature of Printing Methods

Advancements in print technology are helping businesses utilise the latest printing method that can offer significant outcomes. In this regard, digital and offset printing use the four-colour printing method. Each technique offers different benefits and meets diverse needs for the production of projects.

The need for communication is changing in business with the demand for quick turnaround time and a shift in the printing industry. This is how a business can find the best printing method to deal with its high volume of printing needs. As the printing industry is growing, the printing company is deploying the latest printing techniques.

Study the Difference as Per the Below Factors

  1. Printing Technology

There is no use of aluminium plates to etch the image on it in digital printing. You have to transfer the image from the computer to a printing machine. It uses electrostatic rollers to apply toner on the printing sheets. It is similar to the use of inkjet printers.

Offset printing takes place on an aluminium plate using ink. It uses a separate metal plate for every colour. Each plate should have a laser to get the best version of the image to print. The plate attaches to a roller and transfers the ink to another vessel using a rubber sheet. It finally rolls the ink on the material to provide the outcome.

  1. Turnaround Time

When it is speed, nothing can be an excellent option for digital printing due to its smaller setup. To print business cards or flyers in a quick time, this printing method is the best. This is why companies and printing shops prefer the digital mode of printing over others.

If the setup of offset printing is complete, printing can be faster. When the setup takes time, many printing services use dryers to dry the printing coat for fast delivery quickly.

  1. Sheet Size

Digital printing can use 19 to 29 inches of printing page using high-end machines, per a business’s needs. Digital printing can limit the sheet size, but still, some businesses opt for this method to meet the specific sheet size needs of a project.

Offset printing can run on 29 inches to 40 inches sheets. If there is a need to print on larger sheets, this is the best option.

  1. Colour Representation

Most high-value brands want vibrant colour printing results, which is possible with digital printing. The colours are consistent, with precise outcomes. Though outcomes of digital printing are close to the high-end results, much depends on the use of the ink quality. This is why digital printing is trying to improve its overall service quality.

The colour finish is excellent and precise with this printing form. It uses Pantone ink that gives the best look. This is what most corporate brands demand in terms of colour printing and are willing to spend for the best results.

  1. Quality of Printing Service

A printing company uses the latest digital printing and modern equipment to add vibrancy to a printing product.

On the contrary, offset printing can provide high-quality print products when using solid inks or delicate items in shaded areas.

You have to go for the suitable printing option as per your business requirements and the affordability of the service.

  1. Touch of Personalisation

If you want different copies of a printing project, digital printing is a suitable option. It makes variable data printing easy when you want different information for a single project. It can be printing logos, greeting cards, specific addresses, customer names and others.

But for offset printing, you must set each plate to print as different information will go on each.

  1. Price of Printing Service

It is perfect to use digital printing to run low-volume printing projects, as handling high volumes can be expensive.

But if you have to print large copies, it is wise to opt for offset printing. Its paper and ink are affordable when a business has to print large print copies.

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