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What are the 5 advantages of digital printing?

Since the printing revolution, the methods of printing have evolved in many ways. Since the beginning printing had an undeniable impact on society and history. Most recently digital printing has become immensely popular because of its beautiful outcome.

In recent times you can see digital prints everywhere. Have you ever wondered why digital printing is getting so popular among the masses? If yes then this blog is for you read this blog till the end to know the 5 advantages of digital printing in Dubai.

To know more about this type of printing, you must learn about traditional printing methods. Traditional printing is also known as offset printing or lithographic printing. There are some major differences between traditional prints and digital prints.

What Is Offset Printing? 

In offset printing, a metal plate with printing material is used. The process also involves a rubber sheet or roller from which the material gets printed onto paper. However, people can use other receiving media besides paper. Also, the process of offset printing is time-consuming and laborious.

This is quite a lengthy process where more than one machine is used in printing companies. Usually, offset printers are huge in size and require a big space for setup.

Difference Between Offset Printing And Digital Printing 

  • The offset printing process involves the transfer of the printing material from a metal plate to a rubber sheet. In digital printing, you can transfer the printing material directly onto the paper skipping the plate-transfer process.
  • Offset printing requires more types of machinery than digital printing. Thus, the cost of printing increases considerably.
  • Digital printing is way less time-consuming because the printer can print directly onto the media.
  • Digital printing machines are available in many different sizes; you can buy a small digital printer. It does not take up too much space in your room and can easily be kept on a small table.

5 Advantages Of Digital Printing-  

  1. Digital Printing Is Fast– Digital printing does not require any pre-press procedure. You do not have to waste time preparing plates or other initial setups. The printing process can be started as soon as someone wants it. If you are in a hurry, digital printing is the most convenient way to get your prints done.
  2. It Is Affordable– Digital prints are affordable because it reduces several additional costs. In offset printing plates are required which adds up to the value of the printed materials. Also, small-volume production is possible using digital printing in Dubai.
  3. It Offers Better Quality Printing– Digital printing process gives you high-quality printouts at a minimal price. You can use beautiful colours, textures and finishes (glossy or matte) for your prints. Achieving so much variety with offset printing is not possible.
  4. It Can Be Easily Customised– You can customise the volume, colours, fonts and many other things in digital printing. It is very convenient if a client demands individual customisation. Each paper can be customised according to the client’s wish. Similarly, bulk production is also quite easy with digital printers.
  5. It Is Simple– The printing process of the digital printer is pretty simple. One can learn it in a few days and start printing. The printers used in this process are high-tech and easy to use. It is not a laborious job to digitally print a document but offset printing is quite a tiresome process. Here no change of plates, cleaning or pre-printing job is involved.

Summing Up- 

The process of digital printing has reduced human effort by multiple times. Wastage of ink is minimal because the printer ejects ink only to the parts to be printed. Also, the task of cleaning the plates is also eliminated. Therefore, the process of cleaning plates after printing is also not there. Overall, digital printing is so simple and convenient for everyone, that it has become so popular.

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