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What is offset printing used for?

Since its inception, the offset printing method has provided countless projects with high-quality and cost-effective printing solutions. Know in detail how it works. People having an idea of the various options for commercial printing are well aware of the term ‘offset printing.’ The popularity of offset printing is a direct result of the various benefits that it offers to its clients. It is primarily designed...

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5 Benefits of Offset Printing for Your Project

Printing projects with high-quality demands require an offset printing press. Know the incredible advantages of choosing offset printing for your next project. Does your project demand high-quality printing? If yes, the best idea would be to opt for offset printing. Offset printing is preferred, especially for brochures, books, newspapers, magazines, and stationery, among many more. Since this printing method proves expensive for a simple project...

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What Are the Advantages of Offset Printing?

Success in retail and manufacturing demands much more than good quality products. Clients initially notice the product's appearance in print, on the shelves, and through massive social and digital media exposure. Multiple clients also make their final decision depending on the packaging quality. The appearance of your campaign can be successful or damage your product campaign among your clients. It is one of the reasons...

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What is the difference between offset and printing?

Are you planning to print a business project? Which printing method can provide professional outcomes? Offset printing and digital printing are among the popular options. Its main difference is the image and text transfer method into the final printing paper. If aiming for high-volume printing, picking from these two can be economical for a business. Evolving Nature of Printing Methods Advancements in print technology are...

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Modern Printing Press is based in Dubai, UAE

Modern Printing Press is based in Dubai, UAE and is a member of Hassan Bin Al Shaikh Group of Industries which established in 1966, MPP celebrated 50th anniversary in 2016. Established in 1966, Modern Printing Press is one of the pioneers and widely acknowledged printing companies in Dubai, with a proven track record in producing high quality print works with originality within a wide range...

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Modern Printing Press (MPP) which was earlier Al Saheel Printing Press

Modern Printing Press (MPP) which was earlier Al Saheel Printing Press has been a family owned enterprises since 1960, that has been successfully acquired by Hassan Mohd. Hassan Bin Al Shaikh (Chairman) and renamed as Modern Printing Press & Stationery in 1966, it is the oldest standing and running printing house in Dubai under the Hassan Bin Al Shaikh Group of Industries (HBAS). MPP, as...

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