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Digital Printing: How It Works and What the Benefits

Prints are produced from digital data using a modern production technique called digital printing. It involves creating your artwork on a computer, printing it directly onto the material of your choice, and then displaying it.

Alternatives to traditional printing techniques, including lithography, flexography, gravure, letterpress, and others, include digital printing because it does not require as many mechanical stages.

The Process of Digital Printing

Ever ponder how digital printing operates? The phrase is frequently used, but do you know what it means? Are you interested in learning more about how we can consistently produce high-quality work for you?

Ink is printed directly onto a substrate in a process known as digital printing. The procedure used for digital printing is pretty similar to that of your colour printer but on a larger scale. White printing is also possible on many digital presses. The inks they use are translucent because they must blend them to create the image, so if they print onto transparent substrates using only CMYK, the image will be fine and appear like a stained-glass window. However, adding White helps to underpin the colour, reduce transparency, and increase the opaqueness of the image.

Why Print Digitally?

Digital printing is a brand-new paradigm in the printing sector. It offers more options, features, and flexibility than traditional offset or flexographic printing techniques. People want printed documents that are accurate and current today. Therefore, clients require printers that can deliver short-run colour printing that is cost-effective, high-quality, and produced quickly.

However, selecting the procedure that will work best for your task is not always straightforward. As a result, you need to consider a few factors before deciding how to print your design. You can use the tutorial below to understand the benefits of digital printing better.

Gains from Digital Printing

Digital presses provide a wide range of advantages for small-run printing that offset techniques cannot match.

  1. Cost-Effective:

The cost of setup is significantly less, which lowers overall costs. They will offer a free test copy for your review before beginning the work.

  1. High-Quality:

To create crisper images and better designs, digital presses use toners and liquid ink of the highest calibre.

  1. Accuracy/Repeatability:

If you require 100 flyers every few weeks, digital presses can print your design the same way.

  1. Print-On-Demand:

Digital prints offer short turnaround times and the ability to deliver a finished product whenever needed. Digital printing provides same-day turnaround times for quick fixes.

  1. Eco/Greener Printing Technique:

They can skip the plating step in the digital printing process and use fewer equipment and materials, which is better for the environment because it reduces carbon footprint.

  1. Printable Variable Data:

Variable data printing (VDP), a sort of digital printing, allows for per-unit customisation.

If Digital Printing Is Neither Suitable or Cost-Effective, Is There Any Option?

This may be crucial to be aware of, for instance, if you need to match the colour of a company logo precisely.

More Choices

There was a period when digital printing results were of low quality. The best printing company now gives marketers, graphic designers, small business owners, and managers more possibilities than ever because those days are behind us.

A reputable digital printing firm will provide you with the same range of paper stocks, sophisticated printing methods, including foil stamps and die cuts, UV and aqueous finishes, and binding options, including saddle stitch and Wire-O, as they do for their offset printing clients.

There is no excuse not to pick digital printing for low-quantity, high-quality, and affordable print marketing when there are many options available and such high-quality output from today’s cutting-edge digital printing machines.


There is no reason not to utilise the best printing company for print marketing that is low volume, high quality, and affordable. Modern Printing Press has provided outstanding print services and document solutions. Contact us right away; we take great delight in our work and the items we produce.

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